Colombo Lady's Collage Hall



These rows of seats may seem to be very hard and uncomfortable to listen to music, but actually they are very comfortable. They are the show peace of old workmanship of Sri Lanka.


Stage of Hall

SOSL does not have rehearsal room, But they have rehearsal at just same place as concert. Colombo Lady's Collage is at the center of Colombo City near the Prime Minister's Office. Shortage of parking space is one of big problems both for audiences and players.


Seats for audiences. Balcony seats are available at cheaper price.

Old seats are made from wood and rattan. They are so comfortable that audiences can concentrate on the music.



Stages lighting, fan, windows.

Stage lightings are so intensive and so hot that players in the front part of the stage have to keep patience with the hot light with sweat. For audiences wind from fans is very helpful because there are no air-condition in this hall. The opened windows shall sometimes be shut during concert due to sudden heavy rain.


Entrance of Hall and garden next to Hall.

We can see neat garden with many flowers. So we can see also beautiful birds.


A cat at the garden of Colombo Lady's Collage Hall.

Also we can see cats in the Hall premise. She can listen to Music every Wednesday and Saturday.



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