India-Sri Lanka Goodwill Orch. Concert

On 4th October 2007

At Concert Hall Tokyo Opera City




● Johannes Brahms: Academic Festival Overture

●Harsh Makalada:
"Svarasanga Vannama" for Symphony Orchestra , Piano, and Local Drums.

  ●Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony

 ●Peter Tchikovsky: Fantasic Overture "Romeo and Juliet"


Conductor: Yazaki Hikotaro

Piano: Harsha Makalanda

Percussion: Ravibandhu Vidyapathy and Jananath Warakagoda

India-Sri Lanka Goodwill Orchestra Concert




SOSL Cello Part member & my wife in Saree.

From left:
Ms Amila Abeysekera
Ms Joy Butscher
Ms Tamala Holsinger
My wife in Saree
Ms Dushanthi Perera

While two daughters of Ms Dushy have been staying at  UK for study, Ms Dushy said these three pupils are almost the same as her daughters. Also Ms Dushy mentioned that they have been busy for rehearsal  from the first day of the arrival to Japan to the very concert day. They have commuted to Tokyo Opera City concert hall from the Keio Plaza Hotel everyday.



Players from Mumbai & Goa

Shanker Indorkar (Ob): second from the left from BCO(Mumbai Chamber Orchestra)

Vasco Dias (cello): third from the left from GOA.

When I was among the Mumbai Chamber Orchestra during my stay in Mumbai, Mr. Vasco came to Mumbai from Goa to join the concert. At the time I played the cello next to him with same music sheets.


Ms. Joy, Ms. Amila & Mr. Vasco with their cellos

They seemed to be deeply impressed that I was the person who played both at Sri Lanka and Mumbai with them. I also was very proud that there must not be no other person who has the close friends both in SOSL & BCC. These photos were taken just before the opening of the concert on 4th October 2007.


SOSL Snior Players

From left;

Ananda Dabare (Concert Master, Conduster)
Ramaya De Livera (First Violin, Pianoist)
Ajita Abeysekera (Clarinet, Conducter)


SOSL Viola Part including Ms Margaret second from right.


SOSL Contrabass Part Members and me.

Anthony Leitan & Roque Leitan (father & son)

今回の「インド・スリランカ友好交響楽団」の来日・コンサートに関しては多くの方々の努力があって実現しました。指揮者の「小林恵子さん」が演奏会前の9月にスリランカとインドを回って「下振り」の練習をされたとのことです。これに関しては小林さんのホームページに書かれています。インド・スリランカ友好交響楽団演奏会の帰り道の京王線で、チェロ奏者の「諸岡由美子」にお会いしました。といってもチェロを持った日本人が初台駅で電車を待っていらっしゃったので、今日のコンサートのトラ(エキストラ)ではないかと考えて挨拶させていただいたものです。諸岡さんと新宿までの一駅の間お話を聞かせていただきました。諸岡さん は「SOSLのチェロパートメンバーが皆楽しい人達ばかりなので、別れが辛くなった」とおっしゃっていました。デュッシー先生がパートの真ん中に座 ってパートを取りまとめてくれていたともおっしゃっていました。

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