Memorial Photos of BCO
 (Bombay Chamber Orchestra) 


Ready to start concert !!

At the back side of TATA Theater's stage, Mr. Dinshaw (left) and Mr. Zubin (right) are talking something carrying their violins. These two gentlemen are famous lawyer in Mumbay. Between them you can see Ms Heike from Germany. She is staying in Mumbai because of her husband assignment, and she is very professional instrument repairperson for string instrument at Munich. She is Viola player at BCO.



A Cembalo at TATA Theater

One foot of the Cembalo was broken just before the concert. Actually we were afraid that it was to old to play at the concert but these three persons managed to fix it. They are proud of their work and made a special pose before my Camera.



Just finished the concert. (20th November 2005)

This photo was taken by me from the seat of concert hall. You can see some players from The Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra. This concert was supported by the Netherlands Consulate General in Mumbai. 


At a rehearsal

It is very difficult to study music in Mumbai. Young boys and girls often come to play with BCO members. BCO invite the foreign players or students of conservatory of music to play with BCO and have short music seminars of various instruments during rehearsal once or twice a year. Those are very precious chance to experience the authentic sound of instruments.   


Ms. Jini & my wife at her lesson room

An penthouse of old building of central Mumbai is her lesson room. There are so many instruments in this small lesson room, one old grand piano, two or three violins and two cellos.
Ms Jini is the manager, conductor, librarian, Secretary, driver and viola player of Mumbai Chamber Orchestra.

You can support BCO at anytime. Contact number is as below.
0091-22-2207-3274 ( Mumbai India)



The rehearsal for the Concert for three violins by Vivaldi
12th August 2005

Due to heavy monsoon in Guitar player in Nepal  for Vivaldi guitar concert was interrupted to come to Mumbai. We changed the program from Guitar concert to Violin concert just one week before the concert.
The concert itself was postpones for one week from 5th to 12th of August.  Finally I had to change my flight schedule to Japan for summer vacation. 
You can see the young gentleman playing the cembalo, whose name is Timothy Murray English conductor.  He showed us the nuance the English music with the music of Frank Bridge and Edward Elgar.
You can see a little article at this page ⇒ Here


Old building of Royal Opera House in Mumbai

This is decayed Mumbai Opera house. Mumbai was one of most important city at the India subcontinent under the British Rule. There must have been a lot of amusement places for English people who governed the India at that time. This building must be one of the remaining of such facilities. I think the Father of Zubin Mehta the famous musician at that time must have conducted the music at this theater.
Today this building is completely shut out. I think it is very important to raise money  so that we can preserve such a important building.



Zubin Mehta and India

Zubin Mehta was the most important and famous  musician for western music that India ever has. Actually his father was famous musician and was a Parsi and his mother was from Jewish people. So he gives a lot of music performance at Israel.
Almost once a year, he bring the orchestra to Mumbai to play the music for Mumbai people. This is the concert photo of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra 2005 at TATA theater.


My Photo playing among BCO at the December concert.


Soloists for Mozart Sinfonia Concertante

From left,
Alaric Diniz  (Clarinet)
Claire Gibb (Horn)
Siona Crossadale  (Basson)
Louise Hayter (Oboe)

They played the soli part at the Sinfonia Concertante in Es K. 297 by Morzart.

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